Star Bobatoon: How to share your Story with Passion

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Star Bobatoon: How to share your Story with Passion

Today’s guest, Star Bobatoon, Esq, an award-winning Speaker and Trainer

Star has trained and shared the stage, both nationally and internationally with motivational icon Les Brown.

“When you need a speaker, you need someone that will bring out the STAR in you. I highly recommend Star Bobatoon.” ~ Les Brown, The World’s Leading Motivational Speaker

On this podcast episode Star Bobatoon shares with us how you can share your story with passion, using the STAR Point – STORY

S: Set the Scene

T: Take your audience on a ride

O: Obstacles, share your challenges, your failures

R: Resolutions, how did you resolve your problems, how did you over it

Y: You focus, how will your story can help them

Listen and be inspired

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