About Me

About Me

Africa's foremost Authority on Personal Branding

Bernard Kelvin Clive

He is an Author, Speaker, Trainer and Lecturer, Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal branding and Digital Publishing. A Personal Branding Coach and Brand Strategist at BKC Consulting with over 10 years of experience in digital publishing, has offered consulting services to hundreds of writers, poets, and authors locally and internationally to self-publish their books. He is an Amazon bestselling author of over 50 published books. He is a familiar face on GTV and other TV stations where he shares his ideas on branding and strategy. His ideas and perspective on branding is touted as unconventional and revolutionary and has won him many admirers including Seth Godin.

His branding books have been named by BookAuthority.org as among the “100 Best Personal Branding eBooks of All Time.”

In January 2014, Springboard Virtual University named him as one of the ‘Apostles of the New Economy’ leading the revolution in digital publishing. He is the go-to-guy for digital publishing and personal branding.

His Podcast, ‘Personal Branding with Bernard Kelvin Clive’ was named among:

  • •Top 50 Branding Podcasts You Should be Listening To by Merline One Inc. (2018)

    •Top 15 Branding Podcasts on the Web by Feedspot (2018, 2019)

    41 Marketing Podcasts you Should be Listening to by Trackmaven (2016)

    The Best Marketing Podcasts of by NR Media Group (2014)

    Top 8 SEO Podcasts in by HigherVisibility (2014)

    Top 20 SEO & Marketing Podcast by Upcity (2014)

He hosts the number #1 ranked Business & Career podcast in Ghana and Botswana on iTunes; interviewed and worked with top bestselling authors and gurus in the personal development arena.

He has interviewed a number of top names in the branding, personal branding and self-publishing industry across the globe. Including Seth Godin (One of the most respected thought-leaders in America), Malcolm Levene (One of the UK’s leading personal branding coaches with clients like Tony Blair, actor Tom Cruise), David Meerman Scott (The World’s expert on PR & Marketing), William Arruda(Personal Branding Guru), Viveka Von Rosen (#1 LinkedIn Expert), Melinda Emerson(Small Business Expert & Forbes #1 Influential Woman Entrepreneur), Sue B. Zimmerman (Instagram Expert), Dan Miller( Millionaire, Author 0f 48 Days to the Work you Love, Career Expert), Barry Feldman (Content Marketing Expert), Steve Scott (Amazon Bestselling Author), Mike Michalowitcz (NYT Bestseller), Bob Burg (Bestseller, Brand Coach), Jeff Bullas (#1 Content Marketing Influencer), Dananjaya Hettiarachchi )2014 World Champion of Public Speaking) etc.

As a speaker and trainer, he has delivered speeches and trained people across the country from high schools to tertiary institutions, churches to corporate headquarters.

He also delivered the commencement address at the 46th congregation of the College of Art and Social Science at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Perhaps the most quoted author and motivational speaker in Ghana. Clive is a passionate speaker on the subjects of “Personal Branding” and “Living Your Dreams”: inspiring and empowering souls to achieve their God-given dreams”.

Books by BKC

  1. The Art of Personal Branding
  2. Your Dreams Will Not Die
  3. Inspirational Kitchen ― Discover 30 Ingredients to Spice up your Life
  4. 52 Seconds: Simplified Motivation
  5. 1001 African Books to Read Before You Die
  6. 16 secrets I Learnt from My EX
  7. How to Publish and Sell your Books with Little or No Money
  8. Do Not Die with your Music Unsung
  9. EnjoyLife 360 ― Simple Secrets to a Happier Fulfilling Life!
  10. How to Do It at Any Age: Living the Life of Your Dreams
  11. PRODUCTIVITY: Tips to Manage your Daily & Business Life Effectively
  12. The No Nonsense Guide to Personal Branding for Career Success
  13. Why Every Entrepreneur Must Write a Book
  14. Understanding Podcast: Benefits of Podcast to Your Business
  15. The Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting
  16. REBRAND: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding
  17. REBRAND: Guide to Personal and Corporate Branding & Rebranding
  18. Biblical Branding Lessons. Vol.1
  19. AuthorPreneur: Creating Multiple

Streams of Income as an Author

  1. Do It Now: 100 Things You Can’t Do in the Grave
  2. Reputation Management: How to Recover, Repair and Protect Your Brand
  1. Turning Ideas into Businesses
  2. 100 Reasons to Write a Book
  3. Personal Branding Journal: Building your brand in bits and bytes
  4. Idea Bank: 71 Ways to Generate Million Dollar Ideas
  5. 7 Strategies to Secure Your Dream Job
  6. 30 Tiny Things That Make Life Worthwhile
  7. Hooked: Overcoming Social Media Addiction
  8. Branding Simplified: BKC’s thoughts on Business Branding

30. Authorbrand: Building an Iconic Author & Speaker Brand
31. Skills Every Young Executive Must Have
32. Goals Are Dead: How to Make Every Day Count
33. 100 Ways to Get Your First Paying Client in 24 Hours
34. STUDENTPRENEUR: Tips for Students who desire to earn extra income on campus
35. Personal Branding Daily: A 21-Day Biblical Journey on Branding
36. Church Leaders’ Pocket Handbook: Raising Faithful Church Workers to Grow the Ministry
37. Business Networking Made Easy: 101 Professional Networking Nuggets
38. Thriving in Your Thirties
39. Dominance: 10 Levers of Power
40. Branding beyond Visuals
41. GOALS Are Dead! Simple Strategies for Achieving your Goals while Enjoying Life.
42. DOERS 12:52
43. CEO Branding
44. Think On These Things
45. Awaken the GiANT in YOU!
46. Digital Disruption

47. Simple Branding Guide for Small Business Owners

48. Six Seals of Church Branding

49. On Becoming an Authority

50. Mentions: 8 Effective AIDA Digital Marketing Strategies for Generating Leads & Sales Using Word-of-Mouth Marketing

51. Remote Work: is Freelancing a Thing for Me?

52. ABREMPONG: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Entrepreneurial Minded Kids

53. Digital Zone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Digital Products

54. Finesse: your quick guide to Corporate Grooming