How to live Stress-Free

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How to live Stress-Free

Learn to live a stress-free life

Most of life’s stress comes from unfinished tasks. Tasks screaming at you all over the place, ‘finish me’, ‘finish me’! Today learn to use the three (3)Ds to distress your life. 1. Do it! – Learn to finish every task you start. It also boosts your self-confidence. 2. Delegate it! – You can’t do it all by yourself. Identify people in your area who can equally do the work or even do it better. Learn to say no to the things you can’t do, don’t overload yourself. 3. Dump it! Yes, simply dump it. You may not be able to complete all that you start, identify the ones worth doing and focus on it with all your energy, delegate the ones you can and dump the rest. Enjoy a stress-free life. It’s a wonderful life.

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