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VIP Brand Mastermind

VIP Brand Mastermind

VIP Brand Membership


I want to Specially invite you to be Part of my ‘VIP Brand Community’, to help you with your branding and digital publishing needs all-year-round.

Many a time, a number of people desire to build their brands, write books and position themselves as authorities in their various fields

However, some lack the motivation to begin, others a clear direction and to some others coaching and like-minded support group to cheer them one.

It’s for this reason having been helping thousands of people in the past decade decided to put this together to assist people like you to get off the ground with ease and make that dream of yours a reality.

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  • The Package

    What's in for you: - Access to all the courses on my platform ( for FREE (worth $900) - Branding and Publishing Guide Resources - 1 on 1 Coaching (Write your book, Build your Brand) - Live Webinars every month. - eBooks by Bernard Kelvin Clive + Other resources - Templates & Tools - A community of like-minded people supporting each other to grow. (Membership Support) - A private Facebook/WhatsApp Group

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Bernard Kelvin Clive is an Author, Speaker, and Trainer, Africa's foremost authority on Personal branding. As a speaker & trainer he has been known to simplify complex ideas about branding and life and present them to audiences in clear, actionable steps. He has over a decade experience in digital publishing and has globally consulted and trained thousands of entrepreneurs, pastors, and people like you to write books and build brands. He hosts the number one ranked Career & Business Podcast in Ghana.


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