WomenPreneurs Series guest Nana Ama Yeboah Diamond

womanpreneurs nana ama Yeboah

WomenPreneurs Series guest Nana Ama Yeboah Diamond

This week on WomenPreneurs series on YouthWise Forum, I interviewed Sara Nana Ama Yeboah, CEO & Founder of Sangy Nursing Services.

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Why did you decide to embark on this entrepreneurial journey?

Embarking on the Entrepreneurial  journey……as a nurse at a regional hospital the inability of the working class people to care for their aging parents, their sick kids and themselves pushed me to establish an organization that could render professional health services to these categories of people and even the general public.

What makes your company and its products and services distinctive?

Unlike other health organizations Sangy Nursing Services carries these health services to your doorstep…..home care for the elderly, health education and medical outreach programs.


What has been your worst experience since you started?

I don’t have a WORST EXPERIENCE……..I call them Challenges……when I had to find nurses for Kasoa and Madina clients and didn’t have any staying around these locations and therefore had to wakeup 3 am every other day drive to Kasoa and then to Madina before going to work at Ridge Hospital…… gave me beautiful experiences afterwards, though.


And your best?

My best Experience……was with a client whose relatives challenged me to get their 72 year old dementia mum talking after not talking for a year………we did that in 3 weeks……Fantastic experience.


What keeps you awake at night?

My Family….After work it Family time!


What are your keys to success in business?

My Key to success……a. God b. Respect c. Hardwork


What are the future goals for your business?

The Sky is our springboard…….and God our Executive director, we hope to take excellent health care to the door steps of all


What is your message to Africa’s young aspiring business people and entrepreneurs?

Young entrepreneurs there is no lose money anywhere, Pursue your dreams, start with what you have and be passionate about your dream believe in God……all others will be history.


How can Africa realize its full potential?

Africa cannot realize its full potential if Young Entrepreneurs refuse to make it happen….the future of this continent is with the young Entrepreneur.


How do you relax?

I hardly relax but when I do I sing my heart out …..I love singing…..both at church and at home.

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