WomenPreneurs Series Guest Mary Anane Awuku

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WomenPreneurs Series Guest Mary Anane Awuku

This week on WomenPreneurs series on YouthWise Forum, I interviewed Mary Anane Awuku, CEO & Founder of APRIL JUNE Ltd.

WOMENPRENEURS are women who are actively turning passion into profit, transforming our nation and inspiring the next generation through entrepreneurship. It is brought to you by in partnership with BKC Consulting, and supported by Live Your Dreams, Rolemodels Ghana, FashionistaGH, Centrifuj, ENews Gh and hosted by Bernard Kelvin Clive

Enjoy the interview

ü  Why did you decide to embark on this entrepreneurial journey?

While working in the bank, I came to a realization that my abilities and capabilities were being underused. I then decided to leave the bank to pursue what I had always dreamt to be, an entrepreneur.  I conceptualized the idea of setting up a courier service to provide delivery and errand services for workers whose busy schedules and traffic situations could not permit them to go about their personal or official duties easily. Workers in this category include those in the financial institution where I used to work. I love the kitchen and baking has always been my passion. I started baking for sale after I high demand from friends and family for my cakes.

ü  What makes your company and its products and services distinctive?

COURIER: While most courier services targets corporate entities we target individual needs more. We realized that there are a lot of individuals who desire errands or courier services to see to their personal deliveries from their homes and offices to various locations which is not which is very uncommon here in Ghana. Also parents who want to send packages to their wards is boarding schools but can’t make the time. April June is there to do all these errands.

CLEANING: Ones again April June has a special package for home despite the office that we send our cleaning services to. Home can also call us for daily cleaning services or weekend cleaning services depending on the availability of the client. We have very affordable packages and we don’t compromise on quality service and customer care.

CAKES: Have a bespoke cake ordered and delivered to your doorstep for free which you can’t get from anywhere.


ü  What has been your worst experience since you started?

Fortunately or unfortunately I don’t have any worst experience. This is because I see every negative in my business to be challenges not problems. This might be the reason why I have not taken a critical look at anything I will classify as a worst experience.


ü  And your best?

Every time that I sign a new contract or make a sale it put smiles on my face and I call it a real working day.

ü  What keeps you awake at night?

Thoughts of how to outdo my competitors and to be seen as number one in my industry.

ü  What are your keys to success in business?

  • Create a competitive advantage
  • Knowing my customers and exceeding their expectations
  • Managing company finances wisely
  • Building a top-notch business team
  • Proper business planning
  • Taking time off.

ü  What are the future goals for your business?

Our goal is to been seen at the top of my industry ladder.

ü  What is your message to Africa’s young aspiring business people and entrepreneurs?

Develop some of the characteristic that are shared by successful business people. This way you can see how you stack up. Even if you don’t have all these characteristic don’t fret. Most can be learned with practice and by developing a winning attitude especially if you set goals and apply yourself through strategic planning.

ü  How can Africa realize its full potential?

Africa needs to motivate its current entrepreneurs by awarding outstanding ones and financing those who have great ideas and business but are cash trapped. Forums should be held for “wonnabe” entrepreneurs and successful ones should also make themselves available for mentoring.

ü  How do you relax?

By going for salsa dance or swimming.

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