WomenPreneurs Series guest Ami Yomekpe

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WomenPreneurs Series guest Ami Yomekpe

WomenPreneurs: A monthly feature of women who are transforming our nations and inspiring the next generation through entrepreneurship. A selected SATURDAY at 9AM every month on YouthWise Forum hosted by BKC on TOP RADIO 103.1 FM. Accra, Ghana.

This week on WOMENPRENEURS. Our guest was Ami Yomekpe, Architect, Founder & CEO of Afro Mod Trends.

  1. Why did you decide to embark on this entrepreneurial journey?

I discovered my talent for fashion whilst developing my thesis for my second degree in architecture in KNUST. My project was the development of a fashion mall with its attendant socio-economic impact in the catchment area. I started off with sketches in a notebook and eventually developed samples from these sketches. These samples were very well received and it was then that I decided to use my talent to generate income as well as impact society positively as my earlier research had proved.

  1. What makes your company and its products and services distinctive?

Afro Mod Trends is built on the cause of “Fashion for change”. We believe in harnessing our talents and unique abilities as a catalyst to make our world better. This transcends from the highest employee to the lowest. Be it the smile from a satisfied customer, or the look of joy when an order has been completed on time, we take delight in ensuring that our level of excellence and customer satisfaction is upheld.

  1. What has been your worst experience since you started?

I will not say I’ve had any bad experiences so far as I see negative outcomes as a learning experience and an opportunity to grow and improve.

  1. And your best?

My best experience so far is being selected among Africa’s most outstanding women leaders by the Moremi Initiative as one of the 28 MILEAD fellows for my work as an architect and entrepreneur.

  1. What keeps you awake at night?

New ideas and products keep me awake at night. My mind is constantly working out how to improve the brand and to extend its reach further to promote the cause of “Fashion for Change”.

  1. What are your keys to success in business?

Determination is crucial to success not only in business but in every aspect of life. However, the ability to realize mistakes and learn from them is equally important. With these, a keen business sense and a good listening ear, success is very achievable.


  1. What are the future goals for your business?ami yomekpe, architect

At Afro.mod.trends, our vision is to be a leading fashion and home décor brand by establishing an internationally recognized and sustainable brand that satisfies the demands and desires of an ever growing clientele. We envision an industry where sustainable fashion is a norm. Our

collections of unisex apparels, accessories and home décor products will continually

be evolving to keep our clients abreast with the latest trends at an affordable price.

Ultimately we hope to start exporting our products internationally.



  1. What is your message to Africa’s young aspiring business people and entrepreneurs?

Creating and generating income is easy. Sustaining this is the hard part. You must make sure your foundation for your income generation is solid, sustainable and not based on profit making only. You must be personally invested in using your talents to impact someone’s life positively and ultimately promote societal change for the better. I believe in this premise and if we have a lot more entrepreneurs thinking and acting on this, our world will be a better place.


  1. How can Africa realize its full potential?

Africa is a continent in transition with a third of African countries’ economies growing by rates exceeding 6 percent in 2012. We have a vast amount of untapped wealth in terms of natural as well as the human resource. However, we cannot develop if these are not managed properly. African governments will need to reverse a worrying trend of corruption. In order for the continent to see long-term gains, money will need to be reinvested into education, healthcare, and agriculture. The solution then will need to be a combination of stronger local government, investing within to create a stable platform for growth, and also international assistance, in a regulatory fashion.  Cracking down on the extraction of wealth, from both abroad and at home, will be crucial to setting Africa on the path to realizing its full potential.


  1. How do you relax?

With my hectic schedule, its quite difficult to find the time to relax. However when I do, I like to go out of town to explore other areas of our beautiful country.

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