Why You Do What You Do?

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Why You Do What You Do?


“He who has a strong enough why can bear almost any how” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche. Why do you do what you do? Sometime ago while browsing the internet I came across one of those funny illustrations that had two people in a conversation; a girl and a guy, the girl asked him “What does IDK mean?” He responded “I don’t know” then she retorted “me neither” “nobody knows”. Hahaha… This was supposed to be funny if you got it. Just like their conversation, many people go through life not really knowing why they do what they do, following the masses and living lives that are not in congruent with their true self. Some of the things are done as a result of habits(bad or good) and traditions(That is the way things have been done in ages past). Knowing why you do something, is one key determinate of success in any field, your reason why will be your compelling force pushing you to pursue those dreams especially when the turbulent times come.

Les Brown proposes that one should always have 5 reasons not to give up on your goals. Reasons that will drive you towards the realization of your dreams, pause at this moment and write your reasons down. Keep it close to you. The best is yours.


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