How to Use WhatsApp More Productively (Infographic)

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How to Use WhatsApp More Productively (Infographic)

7 Ways to Cut through WhatsApp Noise to be Noticed #rebrand


How do you stay productive in a world of busy buzzing devices vying for your attention every second; it’s time to switch!


  1. Don’t put everyone in your broadcast list: People find that intruding and annoying. If you have a worthy cause, ask permission from your contacts first.


  1. Don’t add your Influencers/Mentors into your groups or broadcast list without their permission. In fact they don’t even need to be in your groups or broadcast list. Respect their time and connection.


  1. Let’s face it most WhatsApp groups are just making lots of noise with no or less value. How do you expect to have effective communication with 50 to 100 people in a group? That is enough noise, if each person is to comment on a post.  Do this evaluate your existing groups and exit some of them, you have nothing really to lose. Your productivity matters!


  1. With regards to having Influencers/Mentors in your WhatsApp contacts: to win their hearts and be in their good books, don’t bug them with your trivial stuff I.e. “Hello sir, check my latest song, joke, poem, article and give me your views” like seriously? Again your daily or weekly motivational messages, devotions, poems etc may be beneficial but we all don’t want them, seek permission before you spam. Build a long time relationship with them before asking for favours.


  1. Promotions: WhatsApp can be a good promotional tool if used properly. Avoid contact sharing on images and videos of your programs and products. Survey indicates it irritates many people. Instead build good rapport with others. This is what I do: while others broadcast and spam daily, I make a minimum of 30 connections with my whatsapp contacts daily. Not selling or promoting anything rather asking them of their health, life and family. Sometimes that all they need. Offer value.


  1. The hard truth: use good grammar and avoid all these shorthands(acronyms) and jargons. Be polite and formal as much as possible.


  1. Relax and have fun, don’t take this ‘last seen, last read’ etc stuff too seriously. The fact that someone is online doesn’t mean they should chat with you, respect their decisions. Be honest to yourself and others and remember the Law of Sowing & Reaping 🙂



Hope this has been helpful, share it with others sparingly.

 whatsapp infographic on productivity
whatsapp infographic on productivity

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