Top 7 Resolutions

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Top 7 Resolutions

“He who has no goal goes no where”

Your goals serves as your guiding light to your destination.

In this episode we look at the Top 7 Resolutions you can consider for the coming year.

Top 7 Resolutions to Consider 

  1. Learn a new SKILL
  2. Start a side business – moonlighting
  3. Travel to a village/a foreign land
  4. Volunteer to serve – community
  5. Keep a Journal/ Write a book
  6. Stay healthy – exercise, eat well, have regular medical check-ups
  7. Make a 360-day Challenge – Do something daily for the whole year.

Eg. As an author, a challenge to write 300 words article every day.

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7 Resolutions for the New Year
7 Resolutions for the New Year

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