Tips for New Authors

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Tips for New Authors

18 Tips for New Authors

1. Write and write a great book or hire a ghostwriter
2. Invest in a professional editor
3. Start promoting your book Now
4. Read other related books on your theme
5. Join a network of writers and authors
6. Get a professional cover designer to do your cover
7. Have your book layout professionally made
8. Never try to do everything on your own.
9. Don’t stress yourself over who should write the foreword for your book
10. Consider writing multiple books(series) than trying to make a killing form just one
11. Your current book title may need to change before publishing
12. Publish on Amazon and other platforms
13. Befriend bloggers and book reviewers
14. If you can, consider guest blogging
15. Get reviewers for your book
16. Prepare to be a guest on TV/Radio
17. Get interviewed on podcasts in your niche
18. Book Publishing is a big business, do all you can to stand out by branding. And Always offer a free giveaway.

Bernard Kelvin Clive
Amazon bestselling author of over 35 published books.

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