The Writer’s Dilemma

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The Writer’s Dilemma

Wake up to your passions and live your dreams! I recently had a conversation with a poet friend, very creative writer, and he told me he has manuscripts to publish but scared to put it out online because some unscrupulous individuals would steal and duplicate it.  Well, this is my word especially to all my folks in the creative art industry (Music, Writing, Photography, Painting, etc). As much as it’s very prudent to protect your works, if you are always worried about copyrights, people copying and stealing your work, you will live the rest of your life unhappy and unfulfilled. This is one better way of channeling your fears; by focusing on what you have to offer; just let your creative juices flow, live with passion daily, work with love, spread joy and peace, let others find inspiration in your works and keep on bettering your best at all times. Make the world a better place with your talent. You will reap if you don’t give up.

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