The Impact of Parenting, Modelling, and Mentoring on Kids

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The Impact of Parenting, Modelling, and Mentoring on Kids

The Impact of Parenting, Modelling, and Mentoring on Kids

Bernard Kelvin Clive here. Today I want to share with you how pairings, careers, or passions influence us in diverse ways in terms of who we become, and even the career paths and decisions that impact our lives in the later years.

Story 1: Kobby Blay and His Son

I visited my friend Kobby Blay, who is a practicing nurse and also passionate about digital media and photography. He had a professional camera, and anytime I visited him, I noticed he would take some shots around. His son, observing his father, developed a desire to play with the camera.

One day, the boy picked up the camera. Instead of shouting or screaming, Kobby used it as a teaching moment. He showed his son how to strap the camera around his neck and hold it properly. Although the camera wasn’t meant for the boy, Kobby’s consistent guidance helped nurture his son’s interest. The boy began taking family pictures, developing his skills by mimicking his father. This hands-on experience allowed the boy to understand the basics of photography and potentially sparked a lifelong interest.

Story 2: My Kids and Books

My kids often wanted to play with the books I had at home. Despite my initial concern for the well-printed books, I noticed they would always find and play with them. Seeing me write and type on my laptop, they began mimicking these behaviors. My books, which were tools of my trade and passion, became objects of fascination for my children. They would try to write inside the books, play with them, and even pretend to read them.

As an author, I realized that my children were naturally picking up my interests. Though they were young and just playing, they were beginning to develop a sense of what they might enjoy in the future. It wasn’t about directing their future but giving them a path to explore their passions and talents. This playful engagement with books was laying a foundation for their appreciation of reading and writing.

Story 3: The Charcoal Seller’s Daughter

So the other day, I visited my local charcoal seller and noticed that her young daughter was mimicking her. The girl would pick up a small cold pot and pretend to cook, just like her mother. This observation reinforced the idea that children often imitate their parents’ actions, picking up their interests and skills indirectly.

The daughter was not only learning about cooking but, also about the daily routines and responsibilities involved in her mother’s work. This imitation game was a crucial part of her learning process, helping her understand and appreciate her mother’s efforts and potentially guiding her toward similar interests in the future.

Story 4: My Wife and Cleaning

My wife does a lot of cleaning at home, especially on weekends. Our kids observed this and one day, I found them in the bathroom, sprinkling water and soap, attempting to mop the floor. They weren’t told to do it, but they wanted to mimic what they had seen their mother do. This revealed how children internalize and replicate the behaviors they observe in their parents.

These cleaning activities, though simple, were teaching them valuable life skills. They learned about maintaining cleanliness and the importance of taking care of their living environment. This also instilled a sense of responsibility and independence in them, as they were eager to contribute to household chores.

Thinking about Parental Impact

These legends show how our daily actions, interests, and professions affect the next generation. Parents, business owners, and mentors must be aware of our actions and the beliefs we impart to others who look up to us. Exposing kids to good deeds and possibilities will enable them to find their passions and skills.

Let us reflect and consider our background. Which factors helped to define our choices and career routes? Knowing this will enable us to guide the next generation more deliberately. For example, our children should witness us reading often if we wish them to grow to enjoy reading. Should we like children to be conscientious and hardworking, they should see us engaged in our laborious efforts.

Instilling  Good Values

It is about inculcating values, not only about copying our behavior. For instance, your children should witness you praying if you want them to be pious. They should see you treating people with respect and kindness if you wish them to be polite and friendly. These daily acts and habits become the guide for their behavior.

From personal experience, I have seen that my kids pick up both positive and negative behaviors. This has sharpened my awareness of my behavior and possible influence. In my private relationships as much as in my professional life, I try to be a good role model.

Generating Opportunities for Development

Children need chances to pursue their interests outside of daily contact. This could involve signing them up for extracurricular activities, pushing them to follow interests, or simply allowing them the liberty to experience and grow.

If your youngster, like Kobby Blay’s son, displays an enthusiasm for photography, for instance, think about giving them a simple camera and some direction. Give them notebooks and pens if they like to write; also, inspire them to write independently. Regarding their personal and professional growth, these little expenditures in their interests can pay off handsomely.

Take a step back and consider what you are exposing your children, mentees, and those around you to. Ensure it’s something positive and enlightening, as these influences will shape their career paths, businesses, and brands. Let’s be intentional, impactful, and purposeful in spreading good values and positively impacting the next generation.

If we deliberately become conscious of our actions and the environments we create, we can help guide the next generation toward fulfilling and successful lives. Whether through direct teaching or simply leading by example, our influence is profound and lasting.

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I’m Bernard Kelvin Clive.

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