The Future of Brands; Assets for Brand Acceleration

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The Future of Brands; Assets for Brand Acceleration

“The future is not just about the use of TECHNOLOGY it’s about the use of the MIND more creatively – THINKNOLOGY” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

The Future of Brands demands harnessing two important assets; Mindset and Skillset.

The ongoing narrative suggests a massive shift in the use of technology for businesses and brands, whilst some jobs will be wiped by the advancement of technology; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc., many more would be created. It is therefore imperative for brands to prepare for the coming shift. Firstly, by engaging their minds more creatively and innovatively, it will offer them the opportunity to leverage technology to their advancements. 

The mind has always been the most powerful tool ever created, anything birthed in this world is as a result of the creative use of the mind. The mind comes, then the other tools and technology. For without the creative use of the mind, technology will not help in brand and business acceleration that much.

Technology becomes a major driver of change and development when the mind has been programmed to think big, creative and innovatively. It’s in so doing that technology can be engaged in a deeper way to solve problems and meet the needs of humanity. Remember, branding begins in the mind.

Having seen a number of brands and startups springing up all around Africa, it is assuring. However, the downside is that many of these startups and brands are not able to stand the test of time, they fizzle out too soon. 

These brands may have good intents but largely lack the needed skillset to help them succeed. Among the numerous factors that contribute to the fall of them is the lack of proper preparation and growth planning. Without a clear purpose, structure, needed skillset, focus and tenacity to stay during the crisis, many brands fall easily. Anyone can start a brand and business but to stay at it and succeed requires courage, discipline and strong-willed determination.

So, to accelerate your brand, develop a creative mindset and acquire the needed skillset – technology to aid your brand to thrive.

Brands that will transcend the coming age, would be brands that are purposeful, people-focused, authentic, innovative and technology-driven.

I leave you with the quote by Stewart Brand, that says “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” 

The question is, are you going to be part of the change agents or you will be part of the changed?

The best is yours!

“The future is not just about startups but stay-ups; anyone can start but it takes those who can stand the test of time to stay relevant.” 

Bernard Kelvin Clive


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