The Beauty of Life

Beauty of life
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The Beauty of Life

The beauty of life is not what we see, but how we see it. Today wherever you turn may the beauty of life engulf you and put a smile on your face, to walk with spring in your steps, knowing that nature adds its own beauty to everything.  The beauty of life, are the lessons nature teaches that are not in books, only have to look and appreciate its priceless gifts. . EnjoyLife! You are beautiful.

[audio:|titles=52 Seconds – Bernard Kelvin Clive – Beauty of Life]

Below is a Poem by A Friend

Raptures of Beauty

Nature’s Girl with the Angel of Creation

The anthems of nature beautiful and deep,
Through throngs of life do you love seep.
From the deepest ocean to Earthly plains,
To feel the love, through angelic strains.

Bringing together all realms as one,
To sit and watch Nature with fun.
Raptures of beauty for all to see,
Creator of life my love’s decree.

For I am the Eternal Flower kiss of life,
To feel the love through pain and strife.
Spreading the scent of life as One,
For we all mortals under the same Sun.

Creations Children, yes we are,
The beauty of Nature, yes by far.
Spreading peace to life around,
In anthems of love dream surround.

For we join together work as one,
To be beacons of life till we’re done.
Turning to ploughshares, from sword,
We are the anthems making the word.

By Anisha Achanknju (C) 22nd October 2011

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