The 7 Mindset to Develop as a Speaker with Chris Baldwin

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The 7 Mindset to Develop as a Speaker with Chris Baldwin

Growing your business through speaking

Most people would not consider speaking as a channel to grow their business. But it can be one of the most powerful channels out there if you know how to do it. Chris was named the fastest growing speaker in 2018 and the #1 on the top 10 speakers list in the Netherlands so he knows a thing or two about being a speaker. Chris shares the mindset you need to be a great keynote speaker and what it can mean for your business. How to create powerful attraction through the stage effect that leads to others seeing you as a thought leader in your space leading to abundant new business and opportunities. 

In this podcast episode my guest Chris Baldwin share with us the 7 Mindset to Develop as a Speaker.

Listen, learn and share!

  • Make the event organizer and planners life easier
  • Make your speaker agent successful as possible
  • Always have a “No Problem” attitude
  • Go for the emotional connection
  • Live an interesting lie (Storyteller)
  • Always always finish on time
  • Be so good they can’t ignore you


  • Know your stuff
  • Take training
  • Know your client: Your client is the event manager, the organizer


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