The 7 Lies We Tell Ourselves about Personal Branding

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The 7 Lies We Tell Ourselves about Personal Branding

“In a Social Media-driven era, the lines of privacy have almost been blurred out.” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

― Bernard Kelvin Clive

1. Lie: This branding thing is easy, I just get on social media.

Truth: Branding is tough. Great brands take time to grow. It’s a consistent, constant process. There is no overnight successful brand. 

2. Lie: I don’t need it. I know myself.

Truth: knowing yourself is good but not enough, others must know you: your expertise, what you bring to the market place. Your distinctive value.

“Whether you believe in personal branding or not, once you are hooked on social media, your brand is being formed” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

3. Lie: My brand is Okay. I have a huge following.

Truth: Brands grow and evolve. If you settle you will soon be outclassed. Having a good following on social media doesn’t automatically translate into a reputable brand. If you don’t stay relevant, you will be relegated.

“Be wary of what you do with the attention social media gives you” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

4. Lie: Opinions of others don’t matter.

Truth: Well, once you are here to truly serve people and determined to offer value, their opinions matter. It serves as feedback for your brand.

5. Lie: Nothing can destroy my reputation. I have a solid brand.

Truth: Even Giant Oaks too fall. Never get complacent. Brands develop daily. If you fail to guard your hard-earned reputation, it could be destroyed overnight. 

6. Lie: My private life has nothing to do with my public life. 

Truth: In a Social Media-driven era, the lines of privacy have almost been blurred out. Whatever you do in your closet may show up in public. It’s a piece of great advice to be a man of integrity. Don’t try to be who you are not. 

7. Lie: When I’m ready I will build my brand.

Truth: The future belongs to those who are building their brands today. Waiting to build your brand someday will be a great disservice to you. It takes time to build brands, begin now, tomorrow might be too late.


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