How to Make Lasting Connections with Susan RoAne

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How to Make Lasting Connections with Susan RoAne

“…most people in a room are nice people..” ~ Susan RoAne, Author of How to Work a Room

Do you consider yourself shy?

Do you find it difficult networking?

Do you want to know some ‘killer-tips’  to break the ice in communication?

Listen to the expert answer these questions and more.

In this Podcast episode I had a conversation with Susan RoAne

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Susan RoAne, an entrepreneur who’s owns her professional speaking and consulting business is an in-demand keynote speaker. She has shared her message of connection and communication with audiences worldwide, and in diverse publications including the New York Times, Sydney Telegraph, Financial Times, Globe and Mail, USA Today,, Men’s Health, Cosmo, the San Francisco Chronicle, huffington post and The Wall Street Journal and on BBC worldwide.

Her clients include Coca Cola Leadership, Kaiser Permanente, The US Air Force, United Health Group, Yale University, Apple Computer, Procter and Gamble, authors@google, Intel, Stanford University, The National Football League, Intel and Apple Computer.


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