Success Secrets?

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Success Secrets?

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going” – Helen Keller. Are there any secrets to success? My question for you today is this…where and what is your source of motivation? Everyone has a source of motivation from within and also from external sources. Today, look around and identify those things that inspire you, the things that you do that energizes you. And do more of that. Stay motivated. I once heard a statement like this “The secrets of success are right in your room. Hear them speak; The Fan says – Be Cool. The Roof says – Aim High. The Window says – See the world. The Clock says – Every Minute is precious. The Mirror says – Reflect before you act. The Calendar says – Be up to date. The Door says – Push hard for your goals. The Carpet says – KNEEL down and PRAY” Step out and make today memorable. EnjoyLife!


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