Ethics for Social Media Lovers at Events

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Ethics for Social Media Lovers at Events

Ethics for Social Media Lovers at Events

  1. Know your role: If you are not the official photographer, don’t distract others. Don’t run around taking pictures of every moment. [We know you have a cool iPad, Techno Phone, China Phone, etc., but hey you are not the photographer].
  1. Don’t be the first to break the news {especially the mishaps), you are not the MC, announcer or broadcaster. You are a guest, if you are not having a good time, at best leave or sit quietly. Note: it’s not about you, stop whining and tweeting about it.
  1. Don’t be the celebrity stalker: rushing to take pictures with the ‘famed’ so you can share on social media. [They may not even remember you, LOL]
  1. Do you know who I am” status, you don’t go assuming everyone should know you, because you are the popular face on TV, voice on radio or Facebook guru. Yes, people may or may not make you out, so relax your ego and enjoy the event, either recognized or not. Maintain a low profile; it’s not a celebrity hangout. The focus is on the event not you; don’t try to steal the show.
  1. Just be nice to people, you may not know who would be watching and following you on social media. NB: You online brand is as important as your offline brand activities.


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