Relationship – Conversation with a Youth and a Counselor

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Relationship – Conversation with a Youth and a Counselor

Marriage! …Do I stand a chance? …What is keeping me getting into one?… Does it really matter? On YOUTHWISE Forum …platform for the discerning youth!  with relationship expert Patriarch George with Lawrencia Elikem Zigah as we discuss the subject “Preparing ones self for marriage… what one needs to know and do”

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Sometimes it is easy to look at those around us and ‘covet’ their bad experience. Divorce, infidelity, failure, waywardness, substance abuse, promiscuity, indebtedness, costly compromises, name them. We see people experience them and we think we are no different and it’s ok if any of them comes our way, that we can’t help it. chase_people
Why don’t you start failing your exams because others failed? Why don’t you reduce your speed because others are trailing you in the field? It’s because you fancy the crown or the prize so much you want to get to it at all cost.

How do you respond when you give your best to your partner and people try to make you feel it is not worth it because others did same and got disappointed, got divorced, got cheated on? How do you react when you try to straighten your children and people trying to discourage you? How to do take it when people try to kill your dreams?

Do you give up because there is enough overwhelming evidence of what they are saying or you are far motivated by the crown and the prize that you will be willing to be the sole motivator of yourself even when no one is cheering you on so you cross the line for which you have prepared yourself for?

There will always be failures, the divorced, the cheated, the wayward, the promiscuous and the lot, and there will always be YOU. Do not confuse the two because you are surrounded by them.

Keep your eyes, ears, mind and heart on that which you seek to get in life and it shall come to you.

PG Sebastian

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