Preparing for TV and Radio Interviews

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Preparing for TV and Radio Interviews

How to Prepare for TV & Radio Interviews as a guest

For the first timer this can be very challenging, however with a little preparation you can wade through this. It will interest you to know that even those who have mastered the act, just like public speaking, occasionally feel nervous. So you are not alone, it’s a skill you can learn and master.

Having been on both sides of the camera, as a host and guest on various TV and Radio shows, I have compiled some tips to help you prepare for your next interview.

Tips is Preparing for TV & Radio Appearances:

  1. Preparation is key: Read all that you can find about the interviewer and something about the show and previous shows. Online & offline, ask colleagues.
  2. Impressions: Yes! First impressions still counts: Make it a point to look your best, don’t over dress. Be clean of anything that will make you unconformable. Choose your colors carefully to represent your brand. If it’s a regular TV show with constant studio settings and color then ensure that your attire doesn’t conflict the colors in the studio settings[You don’t wear a red shirt when the studio couches are red]. After makeups before you go on set check your appearance on the TV monitor beforehand, if possible.

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  • Experts range: mostly you will be called in the area of your expertise, so be confident about what you know. If it’s your book; know your materials thoroughly, inside out.
  • Find-out if the interview is live or recorded. Note that if it is live there is nothing like of the record, so every word counts.
  • Get to know the subject of discussion if it’s not about your book and also any question you may have before that day. Some hosts prefer the conversational type of interviews, where they won’t be any questions sent to you before the day of interview; if so relax and chat, you are the expert in your field, share your thoughts.
  • Prepare properly for it. In answering questions, be clear and precise. Give practical examples where necessary. Try to limit your answers to about three sentences. Be straight to the point where necessary.
  • Get to the venue at least 30min early so you can relax and get yourself acquainted. When you are anxious, it show in your posture and speeches, relax!

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  • Be confident, be yourself, be natural. Don’t try to imitate anyone. Do maintain your composure at all times and seat yourself comfortably.
  • On radio do adjust and test any equipment before the program begins. If you are speaking into a microphone, maintain a distance of at least six inches.

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  • Openings and Closings: These are key for any interview. Prepare your sound bites; your power punches (words). What do you want your listeners or readers to remember you for? What do you really want them to learn?



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