Pick Yourself Up

pick yourself up
Personal Development

Pick Yourself Up

Everyone gets knocked down in the journey of life, the struggles and challenges of life. Sometimes in the peak of your success when you least expect it, you realize you are already lying low. The most difficult part is the inability to find helpers to lift you up, this is when you have to pick yourself up and carry on. You do like David did in the Bible “…he encouraged himself…” Remember life is full of the unexpected, expect them anyway.

“Trouble is part of life and if you don’t reach out, you don’t give the people who love you a chance to help you. A chance to encourage you, to never give up on yourself; giving them the opportunity to show you they haven’t given up on you.” ~ Brigitte S.

[audio:|titles=52 Seconds – Bernard Kelvin Clive – Pick yourself up]

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