Personal Branding: Overlooked Feet, Unreached Feat

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Personal Branding: Overlooked Feet, Unreached Feat

“Where you plant your feet determines your feats.” — Bernard Kelvin Clive

Let me share this with you. 

One morning, while I was cleaning my car, I noticed something interesting. I had worked hard to make the car’s body look shiny and clean, even though there was a lot of dust around because of the Harmattan season. But when I stepped back to look at my work, I saw that the tires were still dirty. This made the whole car not look as nice as I thought.

This situation reminded me of a lesson from my childhood. When we were kids, my uncles would tell us to make sure we washed the tires of the car really well, not just the body. They said that a car doesn’t look completely clean if its tires are dirty, even if the rest of it is spotless. They kept reminding us that this was important, showing us that we often focused on the parts that were easy to see and forgot about the rest.

This lesson is not just about cars; it’s also about life. A car needs good, clean tires to move properly, just like we need to take care of all parts of our lives to succeed. It doesn’t matter how good something looks on the outside; if the parts that really matter, like the tires on a car and the engine, aren’t in good shape, then it won’t work well.

So, washing my car and seeing the difference after cleaning the tires made me think about how important it is to pay attention to everything, not just what people see first. Just like the car, we need to make sure we’re taking care of the important parts of our lives, not just the ones that look good to others. This teaches us to be thorough and to remember that every part, no matter how small or hidden, counts in making something complete and ready to go.

Just like people spend a lot of money on nice rims for their car tires to make their cars look great, we should also take care of our feet because they carry us around. This is kind of like saying that in life, our feet are super important because they help us stand and move. If you’re into bodybuilding, you know that every part of your body needs to be strong to carry yourself, especially your feet/legs. It’s the same with our feet in real life.

Our feet are like the base or foundation of everything we do. When we’re doing anything in life, having strong feet (or a strong foundation) means we can handle tough times, carry heavy loads, and go to amazing places. So, it’s really important to think about how we take care of our feet and what we’re asking them to do. It’s like asking, “Have I made myself strong enough to take on new challenges in my work, my personal goals, or whatever I’m trying to build?”

Think about what you wear on your feet and what kind of load you’re expecting them to carry. Building a strong foundation, or making sure our feet are ready, is super important. It helps us be ready for the next step in whatever we’re doing, like moving up in our jobs, growing a business, or making our brand better. Investing time and effort into making our foundation strong means we’re ready to take on what we dream of doing.

So, it’s all about making sure we’re ready and strong from the ground up. Just like a car with fancy rims stands out, making sure our foundation (our feet) is strong can help us stand out and succeed in what we’re aiming for.

Our feet play a central role in how we present ourselves, both as individuals and as brands. When people see us, one of the first things they notice is our feet. This makes our feet a key part of our foundation, something that supports and holds us up. It’s really important to wear good shoes, as they say a lot about our appearance. 

You might be dressed really nicely, but if your shoes don’t look good or don’t match your outfit, it can mess up how you look overall. This is even more true during the Harmattan season. You can dress up as nicely as you want, but when you walk on dusty roads, your shoes get dirty. If your shoes are dirty, it doesn’t matter how nice the rest of your outfit is; it won’t make you look your best.

So, we should really focus on our feet, which are like the foundation, stronghold, and pillars of our life. We need to think about our foundation – what supports us, what we are holding onto, and where we are going in life. By looking at our feet and making sure they’re well taken care of, we can find the strength, favor, and energy we need to reach the next level of success in our careers and as a brand.

Taking care of our feet and what we wear on them is more than just about looking good. It’s about making sure we have a strong base to stand on as we move forward in life. Let’s pay attention to our feet, and our foundation, and make sure they’re ready to take us where we want to go.

In conclusion, just as the cleanliness and condition of a car’s tires can significantly affect its overall appearance and functionality, our personal foundations—symbolized by our feet—hold the key to how we navigate the challenges and opportunities life presents.

Our feet, both literally and metaphorically, represent our base, our point of contact with the ground that supports and propels us forward. The attention we give to our feet, through the shoes we choose and the care we take, reflects our respect for the journey itself and the paths we choose to tread. This concept extends beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about acknowledging the importance of a strong, well-maintained foundation in achieving our goals, whether personal or professional.

Moreover, this discussion highlights the interconnectedness of all aspects of our lives and the importance of balance. Just as a car requires balanced care of both its body and tires, we must ensure that our outer achievements and inner strengths are nurtured in harmony. Investing in our foundation—our skills, values, health, and relationships—prepares us to face life’s Harmattans, ensuring we remain steadfast and ready to move forward, no matter how dusty the roads ahead might be.

Therefore, let us look unto our feet, not just as a physical necessity but as a symbol of our preparedness, our strengths, and our commitment to personal growth and excellence. By building a strong foundation, and paying attention to the details that support and define us, we set ourselves up for enduring success and fulfillment. As we progress in our careers, build our brands, and navigate the journey of life, let our feet—our foundational principles and actions—guide us to find favor, strength, and the fire within to reach new heights of achievement.

My account of cleaning the car and focusing on the often-overlooked tires presents rich metaphors for branding and business. Here are key lessons and actionable steps to work with:

Key Lessons

  • Pay Attention to Details: Just as cleaning both the body and tires of a car is essential for its overall appearance, businesses must pay attention to every aspect of their brand. This includes the often overlooked or behind-the-scenes elements that contribute to the customer’s overall experience.
  • Foundation Matters: The emphasis on tires as the foundation that supports and moves the car parallels the importance of a solid foundation in business. This foundation could be your core values, mission, or the quality of your product/service.
  • Holistic Approach: Success requires a balance between focusing on visible achievements and strengthening the underlying elements. In branding, this means balancing external marketing efforts with internal development, such as employee training and product innovation.
  • First Impressions Still Counts: Just as shoes (or tires) can significantly impact an individual’s appearance, the first impression your brand makes is crucial. It’s important to ensure all touchpoints with customers are polished and reflect your brand’s values.

What to do Next!

• Conduct a Brand Audit: It’s time to dive deep into every aspect of your brand! Take a regular review of everything, from your captivating logo and stunning website to the exceptional customer service and top-notch product quality. Make sure there’s consistency and alignment with your brand values across all platforms. Let’s keep that brand shining!

• Invest in Your Foundation: Let’s strengthen the very core of your business! Invest in areas like cutting-edge research and development, empowering employee training, and outstanding customer service. This investment will pay off big time by enhancing your brand’s resilience and skyrocketing its reputation. Get ready to take your brand to new heights!

• Balance Innovation with Consistency: Innovation is the name of the game, but let’s not forget about consistency! While it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and remain relevant, we need to ensure that any new developments are in line with your brand’s core values and message. This perfect balance will help maintain uncompromising customer trust and boost unbreakable loyalty. Let’s keep the innovation flowing while staying true to your brand.

• First Impressions Count: Get ready to make a lasting impression! Pay special attention to those crucial first points of contact between your brand and potential customers. It’s time to revamp your website’s homepage, elevate your product packaging, and train your frontline staff to flawlessly represent your brand. Get ready to captivate your audience from the very first moment!

• Prioritize Customer Experience: Let’s make every interaction with your brand an unforgettable one! From the seamless usability of your website to the exceptional after-sales service, we need to ensure that every touchpoint leaves a positive and lasting impression. Get ready to wow your customers at every turn!

• Get Feedback: It’s time to actively seek out and listen to your customers! Their feedback is invaluable. Use their insights to make informed adjustments to your products, services, and customer interactions. As a company, we should prioritize the satisfaction of our customers.

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