Benefits of Using Online Invoicing Service with Moses Adeniyi Adetola

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Benefits of Using Online Invoicing Service with Moses Adeniyi Adetola

Using Integrity Invoice online you will understand that “People respect you when you appear with more professional document” ~ Moses Adetola

Are you tired of using complex and ineffective applications to manage your business finance?

In this episode Moses walk us through how freelancers and solo-preneurs can present their business brands professional using affordable web base application; Integrity Invoice.

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Adeniyi Moses Adetola is a Creative Programmer and a Technology Entrepreneur. Founded two startups:  1. Divinity Media, a digital agency that loves digital story telling through creative web design & development. 2. Integrity Invoice, a cloud-based service for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs to create and send online invoices to their clients, and keep track of their expenses.

He is passionate about using technology and creative wisdom to develop solutions to real-world business problems.

He is a Nigerian, based in the UK.

“You just don’t have to give up, you are going to hit success one day”

Integrity Invoice

Affordable and customized online invoicing and expense tracking application for freelancers, solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners.


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  1. Hi this is definitely great stuff. I use Invoicera for Online Invoicing. Invoicera is a feature rich software with invoicing, time tracking and and expense management capabilities. It helps you schedule invoices and focus on your work. Besides that it has got a quick and simple user interface that save you a-lot of precious time. It has got Multiple Languages and payment gateways which makes it a global product.


  2. Thanks Bernard for sharing this great post. I would recommend Fanurio ( as another awesome tool if you are looking for a simple invoicing, time tracking and billing solution.

    Product Manager

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