Not Enough?

not enough
Personal Development

Not Enough?

Do you ever feel that you are not enough? Probably yes, you are not alone. So many have felt that way and others will still feel so at a point in life. This often happens when one is faced with the challenges of life, a task to handle. It also happens when you are forced to compare yourself, your achievements (the-haves and have-nots) with others. What you need to realize is that whatever you have been through till now is just what you need to handle the current situation, you can handle it, and all that you have is enough for the task ahead. Believe in what you have right now and act upon it, it’s enough to get you where you want to go from here and what you want in life.

“You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.” ~ Rosalynn Carter

[audio:|titles=52 Seconds – Bernard Kelvin Clive – How I feel]

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