Meaning of SUCCESS

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Meaning of SUCCESS

The Meaning of SUCCESS

Success means different things to different people in different areas of life. What does success mean to you? Whatever your definition of success is I believe it means a lot to you; that which makes you feel fulfilled, a sense of accomplishment, material or spiritual gains. I urge you to go for it. I will share with you the acronym of SUCCUSS to inspire you.

S – Set clear specific goals

U – Understudy successful people in your field; learn from their mistakes and success stories

C – Constantly pursue your written goals, be consistent in what you do, that will leave a trail

C – Confidently believe in yourself and what you have to offer because your goals are worth achieving

E – Execute your plans; embrace technology and leverage it to your advantage. Become a better person

S – Soldier on; when faced with the challenge of life be strong and fight on, don’t you dare quit

S – Share your blessings; share your success story with others, help others win as well. Leave a legacy




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