Making 2020 Your Best Year Ever

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Making 2020 Your Best Year Ever

20 Twenty20 Tips for a Great Year

How to Make It Your Best Year Ever

Bernard Kelvin Clive 

How different would you live your life if there was no calendar?

At the end and beginning of every year, there is an increase in goal setting activities, people set goals and resolutions with the hope of achieving them. The question is, what if these activities were a lifestyle, done throughout the year and not tied to a particular ending or beginning?

What if, we simply decide to enjoy our daily lives while pursuing or set goals and dreams? Well, today I present to you tips to make the best of your daily life, hence your year.

Let’s get started!

Tip #1

Define your Success

Success means different things to different people. To begin with, define what success (a great year), means to you. In your terms, don’t let society determine that for you. Once you’ve done that, you set yourself free from the pressures of society by not leaving to impress others and ready to succeed.

Tip #2

Be Decisive

Decide to make it great. Once you define what success and a great year or life mean to you, the next thing to do is decide to make it so. You are a decision away from your life’s breakthrough. You hold the keys to your life’s happiness. Decide this day, to make the rest of your life the best you can ever have.

Tip #3

Your big idea!

You must have an intriguing idea, a dream; something you are so passionate about, a problem to solve, a need to meet, a mark to make. That is your Dream, Your Vision, Your Goal: Be specific! See the big picture. How will it be like, when you finally get it? What will success mean to you? Set crystal clear goals; goals that will set your heart on fire. Make it important to you.

Tip #4


(Follow One Course Until Successful). Master One thing. Don’t dissipate your energy. Ask yourself, what one thing do I want to be noted for this year? Then channel all your energy and resources to make it happen. Become so good at what you do that you can’t be ignored. So, become the best in your chosen field. 

Tip #5

Raise the bar on yourself!

Think Big! Expand your vision and expect more from yourself than anyone, then, go make it happen. Compete against yourself and challenge yourself daily. Use your creative imagination. Think win, win, in all the time. Ask: How can I help someone win today? How can I be a miracle to someone? 

Tip #6

Build a team

Carefully select your dream team. Remember: you are the average of your 5 closest friends you spend the most time with. Evaluate your circles in the previous year, did they help or hamper your progress? Then revise where necessary, it matters! TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More 

Tip #7

A better approach

Ask yourself, how can I do this better? Innovate! Permit yourself to succeed in those areas. By working in the area of your strengths, your talents, and gifts you can master your craft with ease. 

Tip #8

Fail fast!

Hey! Don’t be afraid to fail. Feel the fear and do it! Face your fears. Things may not turn out as you planned but don’t give up, learn from them. Get up anytime you fall and fight on! It’s all part of the growth process. 

Tip #9

Stretch yourself!

Don’t just do the easy and fun things to just get by, leave your comfort zone, exceed your limits, and break that barrier. Do the difficult task. Discipline yourself to succeed. 

Tip #10

Write things down!

Write your goals down and read them often. Revise them as when necessary. You must stay current; be updated on current trends around the world especially in your field. Read great materials, books, articles, etc. 

Tip #11


Action that Creates Transformation. There are lots of talkers around, but don’t be one of them, be a doer, a goal chaser, a dream maker. Act Now!!! Just, make it happen! 

Tip #12


Be productivity minded not activity-filled. So many things will call for your time and attention but follow your heart. Stick to plans. FOCUS! 

Tip #13

Take a Step at a Time

Do the work that matters. Decide to do something daily that pushes you towards the realization of your ultimate goal, dream. 

Tip #14

Be purposeful!

Listen to your heart, your guts, your internal voice. Let whatever you do be a product of your own decision and conviction because it’s your dream and your life. Be responsible! 

Tip #15


Review your goals frequently to ensure that you are on the right track. Cut down every unproductive activity, prune and manure those that need nurturing and forge ahead with confidence. 

Tip #16

Enjoy the journey

In the process of pursuing your various endeavors in life, never forget to enjoy the seemingly small achievements. Enjoy the journey, don’t be fixated on the results. Smell the roses along the way, savor the little pleasures of life.

Tip #17

Be thankful

Life will through you many surprises, both good and bad, however, never overlook the good things and people that come your way. Genuinely appreciate the kindness you receive and the goodies. Things may all not turn out good as desired but just learn to develop a grateful attitude. It makes a big difference.

Tip #18

Take Chances

Life will not offer you what you desire on a silver platter. You must be willing to take the plunge and dive in. Try out new things. Experiment and explore. The more chances you take the luckier you become. To make the best out of any given situation demands your full preparation and commitment. Go for it!

Tip #19

Keep investing in yourself.

You should endeavor to stay on top of your game. Constantly learning, unlearning and relearning. Invest in buildings your brand, grow yourself to be the best in your chosen field. Year in and year out, keep upgrading yourself. 

Tip #20

Give; Give back! 

“The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed” – Proverbs 11:25(New Living Translation, Bible)

One of the many pleasures in life is the joy of giving. Giving to others on need. Make giving a habit, you don’t need to have so much to give, just give with a cheerful heart the little you have. Give a smile, a hug, kind word, hospitality, prayer, food, your wealth. Everyone has something to offer. 

I believe that You have the power within to create the life of your dreams, so step out and go, make it happen! Remember that information, seminars, books, and events don’t change people, people change when they believe and act on the information. 

Recommended book: Goals Are Dead! Simple Strategies for Achieving your Goals while Enjoying Life

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