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Leadership Now!

In this fast moving internet age, the virtue patience is almost an unheard of word, everything needs to be fast. Many amateur leaders have cropped up because of lack of preparation; the ability to submit to leadership and learn has been replaced with quick fix strategies. That has raised incompetent leaders, taking poor decision that affects business growth and the community at large. Many of such, jumping into big platforms that they are not prepared for – because of desire for fame and money. Timing is very important in any process. In developing great leaders time is required to learn, unlearn and relearn. A servant must learn how to submit to his leader and patiently learn the skills of the trade needed. However, if one stays too long at the feet of his master without launching out to test the waters on his/her own he will never develop and mature. The real test comes when you are on your own. You put to practice all that you have learned. So today examine yourself, your state and dare to act! You are a great leader.

“A follower who stays too long in the comfort shadows of the leader will never grow.”

[audio:|titles=52 Seconds – Bernard Kelvin Clive – You are a great leader]

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