How to be your phenomenal self: Lauren G. Reliford

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How to be your phenomenal self: Lauren G. Reliford

“You have to take steps to build yourself up” ~ Lauren G. Reliford


In today’s podcast we discuss on how to be your phenomenal self; your personal development journey with my guest Lauren G Reliford.


“The greatest disappointment that anyone can be in life is to do that thing which he is not most fit to do” ~ Lauren G.

lauren podcast

She is a motivational force that shares life lessons and the truth of forgiveness with those who are seeking. An author, speaker and entrepreneur.

“Unforgiveness is like you drinking poison and hoping that they die.”

In this episode you will discover

  • How to act in moments of despair
  • How to develop mentally
  • Why forgiveness should be a necessary daily ritual
  • How to live your authentic life

“You are the answer to all your problems.” ~ Lauren G. Reliford

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Comments (4)

  1. Lauren G Reliford

    I've been listening in increments daily. Yes, to my own interview. I finally finished. Beautiful. I love it! Thanks for having me on Bernard Kelvin Clive!!! 😀

  2. I said some things in this post that even I had to play back. #GodFlowingThru

    1. A re-listen is fun, @queenofforgiveness:disqus amazing stuff.

  3. […] I am so excited about the podcast that I did with Bernard Kelvin Clive. I respect him greatly. Please tune in and listen to our podcast on How to Be Phenomenal (Being Yourself). […]

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