KISS and Say Goodbye

Personal Development

KISS and Say Goodbye

We live in an ever changing world of  different times and seasons. I believe there is time for everything and that everything happens for a reason; there are no accidents in life.  People really do come into our lives for a season and a reason.

It’s hard to say good bye, especially letting go someone who has played an instrumental role in your life or  a childhood friend you love nevertheless it is necessary to learn when to part when the time comes. Not all those in your present do belong to
your future. If you force them to stay when their time is over, you curse your future.  People come into our lives for purpose sometimes unknown to us all. Some are angles in disguise to teach as a lesson. The time comes when you just have to share some tears, leave the past behind and move on. Let go let God.  Just say Goodbye, move, life goes on!


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