How to Do it At Any Age; “Your Guide to Goal Setting” with Kirbie Earley

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How to Do it At Any Age; “Your Guide to Goal Setting” with Kirbie Earley

“Don’t just write down goals you don’t care about, write down goals that get you charged up”  ~ Kirbie Earley

In this episode I interviewed Kirbie Earley on ‘Setting and Achieving Goals”

Find out how she went back to school in her forties to pursue her dreams.

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Goal Settings that Works; How to Do it at Any Age with Kirbie Earley

Kirbie Earley is the owner of Innovation & Coaching Excellence, a company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners with innovation by providing coaching in associated areas of business, such as goal setting, developing core competencies, leadership training and guidance through the innovation process itself.

Kirbie’s goal is to help small business owners understand the intricacies of innovation and how to apply them to small businesses by understanding the underlying success factors that are often overlooked, thus causing frustration and often, failure.

Kirbie has worked with many small businesses through projects, coaching and workshops, developing programs specific to these topics.

Kirbie has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with an emphasis on Psychology from The Ohio State University, which provides her with an in-depth understanding of people, both individually and in groups.



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