Julie Cottineau , Former VP Brand of Virgin shares 5 Branding Strategies to Use Today!

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Julie Cottineau , Former VP Brand of Virgin shares 5 Branding Strategies to Use Today!

Strategies to establish your brand online

“Strong brands have emotional relationship with their target audience” – Julie Cottineau

In this episode I interviewed Julie Cottineau, Founder and CEO of BrandTwist

Julie is the Founder and CEO of BrandTwist a branding firm that helps companies large and small grow their businesses by creating stronger, and more distinctive brands.  Before she became her own boss, Julie was the VP of Brand for Richard Branson’s Virgin Group launching several new Virgin companies in North America and helping established Virgin companies grow. Before becoming a Virgin, Julie served as Executive Director of Consumer Branding at Interbrand as well as a VP Management Supervisor at Grey Worldwide in both the US and France. She loves to teach and talk about brand and has been an Adjunct Professor at Columbia and Cornell and a frequent commentator in social and traditional media such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and CNN. She is extremely excited and proud to be the creator and Dean of Brand School – the premier online branding class for entrepreneurs Julie lives in Westchester NY with her French husband and two wonderful, beautiful, talented children.

Listen and Learn the 5 Branding Strategies to Use Today!

– Know your target
– Stand for something bigger
– Apply your brand everywhere
– Tell your these authentic story
– Add a fresh twist



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