Jason McDonald | SEO for Personal Brands and Reputation Management

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Jason McDonald | SEO for Personal Brands and Reputation Management

In this podcast episode in an interview with Jason McDonald

Jason McDonald, Internet Marketer and SEO Expert shares on how you can use SEO to boost your social brand and manage your reputation online.

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Listen to:

  • How you can redeem your negative brand online.
  • How to rank high on Google search with specific keywords
  • How to use SEO to boost your brand presence
  • How to set up and start blogging with ease.

Jason is the author of the following books on amazon

  1. SEO Fitness Workbook. A true labor of love, this book guides you through success at SEO like a great personal fitness trainer, would help you to get physically fit.
  2. SEO Toolbook. This book is my compilation of hundreds of free SEO tools.
  3. Free Google. This book is my guide to all the free goodies available from Google that can help you understand how Google works, and how to position your company at the top of Google search. It also covers Google Analytics and AdWords.
  4. Fifty SEO Ideas. This book is my laundry list of fifty amazing, generally free, things you can or should do to improve your SEO.


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