It’s in YOU!

It's in you
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It’s in YOU!

It’s in you

The movie ‘Lion King’ reminds us of that inspiring track ‘He lives in you’. Yes there is greatness in you and you know it. You are the only person who recognizes what your true dreams are, what God has deposited in you. People will not really understand you; because they don’t have it hard-wired in them you have it.

Let this sink in, this phrase by Joel osteen“…Oftentimes, people who aren’t fulfilling their destiny will try to discourage you from fulfilling yours. They may not do it intentionally, but they’ll tell you what you can’t do and how things won’t work out. They’re quick to remind you of all your impossibilities. Your relatives, co-workers and friends may try to talk you out of your dream, but that’s because God didn’t put that promise in them; He put it in you. You have to remember that other people don’t determine your destiny; God does. He holds your destiny in the palm of His hand. If you will believe, God will not only bring it to pass, but He will do more than you can ask or think.”

Focus on your dreams; believe in yourself and the God in you. Your dreams will surely not die!


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