In Pursuit of Happiness

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In Pursuit of Happiness

In pursuit of happiness…? What do you do, when those things you fought for, things that brought you joy in times past no longer seem to have meaning in your life? You lose the excitement and the joy associated with it. You turn to look for new things and ways to be happy, and that cycle goes on and on and on.

Many are seeking for happiness at unexpected places and things. However you can be happy right where you are now with what you have. Happiness is created.

You know happiness is not found in things, we create it, it’s the focusing on the good, seeing the beauty in everyday life, and it’s a hard choice that requires constant maintenance, daily! So don’t be in pursuit of happiness; be happiness in pursuit, ready to happen (explode joy) wherever you go! EnjoyLife.

[audio:|titles=52 Seconds – Bernard Kelvin Clive – Pursuit of Happiness]

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