I want to be ME!

i want to be me
Personal Development

I want to be ME!

“I want to be me!” This is the silent cries and woes of many souls to put them on their toes. Because they have become what they weren’t made for, and silently the true self cries out daily – ‘Free me! I want to be me!’

Oscar Wilde once stated “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” I urge you this day to re-examine yourself what you have become and what you were truly created to be.

Set yourself free! Live your dreams, it’s in you! My sincere silent prayer for you my friend is that, the Grand Of-all Designers, GOD – the creator of the universe and all that is in it quickens your steps and lead you right back on track if you have missed it. To fulfill every dream that is yet to come true, putting joy and peace back in every heart.  Note: You were born unique, so don’t die as a duplicate!

[audio:|titles=52 Seconds – Bernard Kelvin Clive – I want to be ME]

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