How to Win when it Appears you’ve already lost w/ Darlene A. Anderson

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How to Win when it Appears you’ve already lost w/ Darlene A. Anderson

In this episode is a conversation with Darlene A. Anderson, as she shared on How to Win when it appears you’ve already lost.

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Darlene A. Anderson is the president and founder of Darlene’s Utopia, a company designed to empower, motivate and provide resources for clients through coaching, speaking engagements, and events.  Anderson is a motivational speaker, personal and professional development coach, philanthropist and author of the autobiographical empowerment book titled, “Not Without A Fight: 10 Ways To Win When It Appears You’ve Already Lost”.

Under the umbrella of Darlene’s Utopia, Anderson has been able to marry her purpose with her passion for helping individuals elevate to their highest personal and professional potential by using her unique blend of personal and professional experiences as a seasoned social service professional.

Darlene’s Utopia is the producer of the successful “DU’s Conversation Series”. Live or recorded, they are engaging forums that draw some of the area’s top relationship experts and life coaches to immerse in stimulating dialogue in an interactive setting.  In 2014, Darlene’s Utopia extended their production with”The Making Of Moguls”; an annual entrepreneur’s conference providing education, motivation and resources to small business owners on the establishment and maintenance of successful businesses.

With social networking at its peak, Anderson has leveraged a network of other like-minded professionals in the United States and abroad to develop programs that focus on key elements for empowerment.

Anderson’s strongest asset and greatest desire is linking people together to empower them with various opportunities to start their own businesses, obtain financial freedom, and pursue the desires of their hearts. Through social excursions and networking expos, Anderson provides practical tools to assist people in coping with life’s stressors and succeed despite adversities. She continues to serve as an advocate for the under-served populations of New York City.  Whether Anderson is providing professional expertise or service as a philanthropist, she believes that George Fraser’s famous quote defines how adversities should be conquered both personally and professionally “It is the “fire in the belly” that makes the impossible possible”.  Start from within!



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  1. Ms. Passion

    just took a peek inside your book Why Every Entrepreneur Must Write A Book and I am totally in love but don’t have kindle. I look forward to a purchasing this book in the near future somehow.

    1. Hello! @ms_passion:disqus Thanks. You don’t need a Kindle device to read it. You just need the Kindly software, that’s all. Audio versions of the books available here

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