How to Make People Trust You and Your Brand

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How to Make People Trust You and Your Brand

“Trust is the new currency for riches” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

In this episode I share with you little ways you can build trust.

21 Reasons to Make People Trust You

  1. Build your expertise
  2. Always give of your best
  3. Talk less do more
  4. Payback borrowed money quickly
  5. Return borrowed items in better shape
  6. Be confident in your expertise
  7. Don’t exaggerate, say it as it is
  8. Be time conscious – remember ‘time is money’
  9. Respect the time of others – if you asked for 5 minutes, make it 5 minutes
  10. Don’t be late to meetings and appointments
  11. Learn to meet deadlines
  12. Share your successes and failures as well
  13. Learn to empathize and sympathize with others
  14. Listen and be tolerant
  15. Don’t judge what you don’t understand
  16. Don’t cheat others
  17. Learn to see the best in others
  18. Be patient with people, they have their own struggles
  19. When you realize you can’t deliver as promised, quickly let it be known
  20. If you can’t make it to a scheduled meeting/event, make it known as soon as possible
  21. Stick to your values – stay principled.


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