How to Make an Exceptionally Great Year

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How to Make an Exceptionally Great Year

Thirteen Tips to Make 20a Great Year

Bernard Kelvin Clive (BKC)




A picture of a perfect future… To begin with, you must have an intriguing idea, a dream and decide to live on purpose with passion. Then, you will succeed in whatever you do in life and be fulfilled.


Tip #1

Be specific! See the big picture. How will it be like, when you finally get it? What will success mean to you? Set crystal clear goals; goals that will set your heart on fire. And also don’t just set goals or New Year’s Resolutions. Act on them, Do it! Channel all your resources and energy to make it happen. It’s a “Do it or Die thing” Make it important to you.

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Comments (2)

  1. We really recognize your indelible impact in motivating.

  2. Crystal clear goal setting, it quiet important. I've experienced writting non-specific goals, that had me running around in circles! Very important to write down goals that are achievable, yet concivable, in mind. That's where the larger picture is. Thanks BKC got my thought process rolling!

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