Guide to Podcasting with Podcast Coach Dave Jackson

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Guide to Podcasting with Podcast Coach Dave Jackson

“Bring your passion and bring your patience” ~ Dave Jackson

Interview with Podcast Coach Dave Jackson on Everything Podcasting

Dave Jackson has been teaching people technology since 1995. At one point in his his career he was a three time “Employee of the Year” winner of a 40 million dollar company where he worked in about every department the company had (technician, customer service, marketing, software development, training).

In November of 2005 he launched the School of Podcasting (a site with step by step tutorials on how to podcast). This has lead to other podcasting related sites and services including Podcast Mechanic(consulting), Podcast Clicks (promotion), Learn to Subscribe (free tutorial for listeners),Podcasting Shirts (clothing), Planning Your Podcast (free tutorials). and Cooler Websites (design and blog hosting).

In this podcast episode Dave shares on:

How to start a podcast show

How companies and brands can leverage the power of podcasting

How to monetize your podcast show

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