Establishing your Brand authority online with Dre Baldwin

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Digital Publishing / Personal Branding Podcast

Establishing your Brand authority online with Dre Baldwin

Nothing anyone else does or says matters to me more than what I SAY AND DO TO MYSELF” ~ Dre Baldwin

Building your Brand and establishing your authority online

In this episode I interviewed Dre Baldwin on Brand building: Basketball, Business and Branding.

Listen and find out more on:

  • Living your childhood dreams
  • How to be mentored remotely
  • Overcoming environmental challenges
  • Social Media for Branding
  • Branding your passion

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With a background as a professional athlete, Dre Baldwin turned a $100 camera and a gym membership into a full-fledged brand and business. As an expert speaker, Dre shows his audiences how to use YouTube to generate incoming business, and how to use your expertise to build or expand you brand.

A Philadelphia native who lives in Miami, FL, Dre began his professional basketball career after receiving a Business Management and Marketing degree from Penn State University in 2004. While traveling through 8 countries in 9 years, Dre began posting his basketball workouts, tips, and motivational messages to YouTube. Over the course of 4,000+ videos — at least one new video per day since 2009 — and 30,000,000+ views, Dre built his “DreAllDay” and “Work On Your Game” brands. He has changed the lives of thousands — not only athletes, but anyone with specialized knowledge who wants to share and doesn’t know how to begin spreading that knowledge.

Dre specializes on how business owners, sales people, and those holding specialized knowledge can leverage YouTube to generate incoming business and expand their brands. Dre is an expert in marketing, brand building, personal discipline, and sales.


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