Email Branding: Making the Most of Your Emails

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Email Branding: Making the Most of Your Emails

Emailing Branding Strategies

Making the most of your emails.

“In the world of digital communication tools, email has become the king”. 

According to Statistica, there were about 293 billion emails sent daily in 2019 and the number is expected to hit about 347 billion by 2023. (

Electronic mails referred to as emails, one of the earliest digital marketing tools, (and)have become so powerful over the years. Emails have become a primary communication tool on the internet.

One cannot afford not to have an email address.

Importance of Having Email Address

Emails have become part of one’s daily virtual life. It’s therefore imperative to make the most of it. Here are a couple of reasons why you need to have an email address.

  • Your email serves as a form of digital identification tool. It is one of the primary ways to register for almost any digital service. Social media sites require an email address for registration.
  • It’s your address to receive Digital goods. For eCommerce purposes, emails are required for translations. Even if you’re purchasing products that would be delivered physically. The address is used to receive product details, receipts, and tracking information in some instances.
  • In purchasing digital goods, most often the products are delivered via emails. Without an email address, you virtually become handicapped. You can do very little online without an address.
  • Emails addresses reveal your identity to an extent and also speaks volumes about the personality behind it.
  • Email addresses are used to confirm your virtual identity. Most often activating subscription services, are sent via emails.
  • Businesses are transacted via emails; it eases transactions and makes it easier tracking with emails. 
  • Families, friends, and loved ones keep in touch via email communications; one of the most used means of sending and receiving information among friends

The Role of a Branded Email address

Majority of internet users do create email addresses using mail services by yahoo or Gmail, the latter being more popular and widely used. These providers help with free email address creation, a good way to begin with. 

However, to step up the game for your brand, requires that you get an email in your personal or company’s domain name, an example would be:, 

The branded Email address has numerous benefits including:

  • Trust Building: emails would be more trusted than that from a generic email service provider
  • Establishes authenticity: Many digital service providers would prefer emails activated from branded domains than that of the generic provider.
  • Brand promotion: since mails are used more often, the more people see the address the more brand visibility gained and chances for them visiting your website would be very high.
  • Mark of professionalism: not only is it nice to have a branded email address, but it also speaks to your profession. Your firm would be seen as more professional having its domain email address.
  • Privacy control: having a self-hosted email addresses limits the fear of compromised emails, as it offers you full control over the privacy of your mails

Using Email Signature for Branding & Marketing

One of the underutilized features of emails has been the footer section.

The Footer is the bottom part of an email that allows you to input content that will automatically accompany every mail sent.

You may enter details such as; company brief, contact numbers, social media handles, official website, etc.

The goal is to enter relevant information that stands the chance of promoting your brand.

Don’t ever leave your email footer blank, especially for your brand/company. 

You can use it to advertise an upcoming product, service, a newly released product, events, etc. 

Quick tips:

  • Stick to a particular font style
  • Font and style should be legible
  • Use company brand colors
  • Don’t make it clumsy by overloading it with content
  • If you need to use HTML codes, get it done professionally
  • Have a standard one for all your company emails for every staff.
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Be brief, fewer lines the better
  • Have a Call-to-action message/button

How to create your email signature/footer

Mostly the button can be found in the “settings” menu in the mail, either using self-hosted, webmail, or a third-party mail provider.

For example, if you use Gmail or Yahoo mail. 

  • Log in to your mail. 
  • Locate the settings icon at the top right of your mail
  • Click the settings, scroll down to the Signature Section, a text box displayed below it.
  • Type your signature message or copy and paste your content.
  • Clive Save. You are done!
  • Go back to Compose mail then look at the bottom of your mail to see your signature

You can save yourself some stress by using a third-party app to have the footer created for you with ease.

The following are good ones to try: 

Now, it’s your turn, let your emails do the speaking for you!


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