Don’t give up on your goals yet!

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Don’t give up on your goals yet!

It’s possible!

Let me share a story I read some time ago with you. It might strengthen your faith! 

A story was told of a mountain-climber, desperate to conquer the Aconcagua, initiated his climb after years of preparation. But he wanted the glory to himself; therefore, he went up alone. He started climbing and it was becoming later and later. He did not prepare for camping but decided to keep on going. Soon it got dark Night fell with heaviness at such high altitude and there was zero visibility. Everything was black, no moon, and the stars covered by clouds. As he was climbing a ridge at about 100 meters from the top, he slipped and fell. Falling rapidly, he could only see blotches of darkness that passed in the same darkness and a terrible sensation of being suctioned by gravity. He kept falling and in those anguishing moments good and bad memories passed through his mind. He thought he would die. Nevertheless, he felt a jolt that almost tore him in half. Like any good mountain climber, he had staked himself with a long rope tied to his waist. In those moments of stillness, suspended in the air he had no other choice but to shout, “HELP ME GOD”, “HELP ME!” All of a sudden he heard a deep voice from heaven. “What do you want me to do?””SAVE ME” “Do you REALLY think that I can save you?” “OF COURSE, MY GOD” “Then cut the rope that is holding you up.” There was another moment of silence and stillness. The man held tighter to the rope. The rescue team says that the next day they found, frozen mountain climber hanging strongly to a rope TWO FEET off the ground . ..

What about you?

Sometimes on our journey to achieving our goals, there comes a time that proven strategies and our expertise simple fall without any justifiable reason. It’s in those moments that we count on our reserve fuel – our faith. Some things can only be accessed via faith. How trusting are you in that rope? (your skills, accolades, and expertise) 

Why don’t you let it go? I tell you, God has great and marvelous things for you.

Keep believing and act on your faith. God bless you!


1. The Danger of Climbing alone. In pursuing your goals, you may need partners, helpers to aid you. Don’t try to do it all by yourself. Share the glory where necessary.

2. He never prepared for campaigning. Having an alternative plan and route is always necessary. A backup plan. Additionally, be open to new ideas and innovations to help you.

3. He had faith in his ropes (strings, expertise). Sometimes the most rewarding breakthroughs may come from amateurs, unexpected places, and people. Be open-minded.

4. Self-gratification. Want all the glory for himself. It’s what we do for others that will outlive us than what we do for ourselves. We are here on earth to serve. Your goals should eventually help a lot more people.

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