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Digital Branding Tools and Tips

If Google can’t find you, you virtually don’t exist.

The battle for digital presence and relevance have surged in the past few months.

Before the pandemic, a significant number of organizations and individuals locally frowned on the benefits and impact of the internet. However, COVID-19 suddenly shifted things, the internet and internet business has become the de-facto place to thrive, without which one must fear extinction or lose of business and relevance.

Things cannot be done in the same old way – a shift has happened!

The pandemic has compelled a lot of traditional businesses and brands to go digital, increasing the noise level in the digital landscape. It has now become more important to build your personal brand digitally than ever before.

From dating to finding jobs, clients, and customers online, the average internet user will perform a search to gather some information before taking action. What does this mean to you?

This is to say that if you are not discoverable digitally you are losing some digital goods.

I believe that regardless of what enterprise you find yourself in, the internet – social media is a must-have tool to aid the brand growth. If you are already using the internet/digital as a tool, then great. It’s time to amplify its usage and make the most of it. If you haven’t begun, then begin now, the internet – social media has come to stay and the earlier you embrace its potentials the better. 

Before you dive into the digital space to grab a portion of the land, here are a couple of tools and tips to help you started with ease.

So, here are some tips and tools to help. Make the most of it!

Get Education

Yeah! Don’t ever start and endeavor without getting some level of information in that field. Advisable, always learn from the best, read books, get mentorship, coaching, take courses. Learn all that you can in that area before you delve into it. This will safeguard you from damaging consequences and prepare you for success.


To rent a piece of the internet space demands you build a website, that’s your digital real estate.

Firstly, you must have a website for your brand and business, either a personal blog site or corporate business/organizational site. It’s one of the best ways to build trust in the digital landscape and it becomes your 24-hour shop.

Secondly, whether your site is an eCommerce one or not, you will need to have it secured. Purchase an SSL certificate to be installed on your site. It increases google ratings and rankings, builds credibility.  

Digital Promotions

One of the easiest ways to get off the ground faster than ever online is by investing in promoting your brand – product and services. Do not just rely on organic traffic and leads.

As the noise increase online, it becomes quite difficult to be heard if you are not positioned properly and you don’t utilize paid advertisement for your brand. Building organic reach is great, however, you need paying ads in addition to reach a wider and more targeted audience. Don’t overlook paid ads, invest and reinvest in the ones that work for you.

Be you! Be Human

A posture that doesn’t properly represent you nor your brand will hurt you! Yeah! Your brand’s voice should touch a heart. In your online and offline interactions ensure that you have the customer at heart. Relate with them as humans; be fun, be likable, and be real. Build a good rapport with people and it will increase your word-of-mouth promotion for your brand. Humor plays a good role in sales, so learn how to use it effectively.

Be Consistent

If you want to stay in business and grow your brand for a long period and not to for a quick name, fame, and money, then consistency should be your guiding light. Don’t start one thing then quickly move to another, don’t promise one thing and deliver the vice. Brands that stick do repeatedly that which works. Repetition of providing value sends your brands flying high in the minds of consumers. Constantly deliver on your brand promise. 

Automate task

It’s time to work smarter and effectively using automated processes and tools. With the ever-increasing technological tools, one cannot do it all manually or how it used to be done in times past. There are newer and better ways of doing things. for brands to stay on top of the game and to do what they know best to do requires automating some of the mundane tasks. Many of the everyday digital marketing tasks can be automated with the right tools. There are many tools out there to help, just search for them. Take a look at Hubspot,, etc

Use Stunning Visuals

Brand visuals play a very important role in branding and businesses. Men are impacted by what they see. Be it photographs for your brand creatives, graphic designs, animations, etc. it must be done professionally. Make it a point to let your visuals speak positively about your brand. If you don’t have an in-house creative person, hire an agency, or outsource it. Ensure you have the best. If you prefer to DIY, there are some tools online to help with that, from Canva to Visme, give it a shot.

Use Messaging Apps/ WhatsApp

People love quick interactions and responses to their queries, and messaging apps help to make that happen easily, don’t overlook that. In this connection economy, the quality of the people in your network becomes leverage for success. People buy into people before their products and services. As an organization let customer care and relationship be paramount to you. Invest in building quality relationships with your audience. Whatsapp has become an effective tool to connect if clients and potentials customers, use it profitable. Remember, always be connecting.

Get Found: Location

Many brands lose businesses daily to their competitors, simply because they cannot be reached nor located. Never forget to have your contact details on all your promotional items, because if you can’t be reached you’ve lost business. Many more people use to search for things online before they proceed to buy, and one of the effective but ignored places has been Google maps. Whether local or global search, google map has become so valuable in terms of getting clients to locate your business. Regardless of your location of the business, have it pinned on google maps today and you will be surprised the number of leads it may be generating for you. Check [Google My Business]

Get Testimonials

If you can be trusted in this age, you have a business. One of the ways for brands to build trust is by using social proofs- what people say about your products and services. Testimonials and reviews come in handy. Ask your fans, followers, and clients to leave a review for you. It’s very helpful. Don’t just rely on old reviews and testimonials, always be asking new clients for testimonials so you can add to your list. If you happen to get testimonials to form a trusted person/corporation the better.

Now, it’s your turn, go make it happen!

If you need coaching and training in building your brand/organization, give me a call.

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