Developing Right Mindsets for Your Brand

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Developing Right Mindsets for Your Brand

Here are key Mindsets to develop for your Brand

The truth is that every brand will be tested at a point in time, if not most of the time.

Ground Mindset:

This is having the fundamentals of your brand right. Don’t jump the initial stages of defining and reasons for your brand. The ground rule is to know ‘your ‘why’ for your brand. Develop your brand and business purpose into one simple statement that you can share with others easily – let’s call it, your elevator pitch.

Answer these questions…

Why are you branding? Why are you in business? What unique value are you bringing to the market place? Who needs and wants are you meeting? Once you have clear answers to these questions the others follow. You can then look at your brand name, logo, tagline, attributes, identity, etc.

Firstly, get grounded, get your brand basics right then you can build successfully on it. Don’t start of social media, branding is not just about social media. It’s a great tool for building your brand but it’s not all about branding.

Growth Mindset:

Brands are like living organisms; they grow and evolve. Successful established brands understand the growth mindset and hereby use it to their advantage. The growth mindset has to do with the understanding that to become a better brand requires a process. Going from one stage to the other and it doesn’t happen just by a sudden push of a bottom to propel one to the top. When you have that understanding you will prepare your grounds/foundation and build on it gradually. You are determined to find ways to better your best.

Growth has to do with consistently improving, fine-tuning and tweaking to ensure your brand stays fresh and strong in the mind of your audiences. A growth mindset asks; what can I do to become a better brand? What can I do to give more value to my clients? A growth mindset listens to feedback and makes things better, they refuse to stay the same. They constantly add new things to make the brand better.

In connection with your personal brand, you may need to take some extra courses, go back to school, get some coaching, learn a new skill, read wider and try new things. When you become better your brand becomes better. Just like living organisms, any brand that does not grow dies!

Grow your brand consistently, become like the proverbial wine – age with grace.

Glow Mindset: 

It’s good to grow in every aspect of life and consequently to glow (polish, perfect) your brand and business. Growing is not just good enough you need to move the nudge up a little. You must glow! Glow mindset in brand building is the quest and strive for excellence. To reach the iconic stage of branding. To be known to represent nothing short of remarkable, excellence and value creation. Glowing is the icing on your cake, it is the light on the candle. When you glow you make your brand more visible and impactful.

Glow mindset refuses to stay the same, they polish their pearls till it glows. They do all they can to stay top of mind – to be the only preferred choice. Glowing kills ambiguity and uncertainty in the minds of consumers. It shortens their decision making cycle. Once your brand comes to mind, you shine through.

Be consistently remarkable – glow!

Key take-home:

Average brands settle at just growing and exceptional iconic brands glow.

They don’t just shine, they outshine the competition, the become team-leaders, thought-leaders, pace-setters, trailblazers. They keep setting new standards and records. Can you name some glowing brands? List them and learn from them.


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