Developing Infoproducts that Sells with Christopher John Payne

Christopher payne
Digital Publishing / Personal Branding Podcast

Developing Infoproducts that Sells with Christopher John Payne

In this epsiode Infoproducts guru Christopher John Payne, share his top secrets on…

How to create Infoproducts that Sells using the DEPOT method.

Listen, take notes and take action. Remember to share this and download the bonus gifts from Chris.


Chris is an internationally recognised facilitator, mentor, trainer, entrepreneur and marketing expert.

He is the creator of The Effort-Free Life System, a set of up to 19 CDs, 1 DVD and a 70-page playbook which has sold thousands of sets around the world at a price between US$297 and US$1,497, generating more than $3m in revenue…

As a special thank you to me for interviewing him, Chris is giving away 4 products to help you
be successful with info products: 2 of them he normally charges for.
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You can ask him any questions via his personal email: hellochrispayne -at-


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