Derek Doepker on Publishing: Selecting a Profitable Niche

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Derek Doepker on Publishing: Selecting a Profitable Niche

“Sometimes it only takes one key relationship to explode your business” ~ Derek Doepker

In this podcast episode I interviewed #1 bestselling fitness author, Derek Doepker, a blogger, and entrepreneur.

On the subject of Publishing: Selecting a Profitable Niche

Listen an learn the secrets and strategies.

derek podcast

He started his blog “Excuse Proof Fitness” in 2012 to help inspire people to reach their body and mind’s fullest potential with innovative fitness “hacks.”  He then turned his ideas into bestselling books which include “How To Stick To A Diet” and “50 Fitness Tips You Wish You Knew.”

After months of studying and networking with other bestselling authors to find out their secrets, he employed innovative marketing strategies to reach #1 bestseller on kindle in “weight loss” and “healthy living.”

He is now passionate about taking the lessons he’s learned and helping other authors publish and market their books.  Since March of 2013, he has taught over 1,000 people from all around the world how to successfully publish their books on Amazon’s kindle platform.  He is continually inspired by his students’ success and wishes to help all authors fulfill their dreams of having a bestselling book.

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