Derek Doepker: Why Authors Fail?

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Derek Doepker: Why Authors Fail?

“A good book isn’t necessarily going to be a great selling book” ~  Derek Doepker

If you are an aspiring author, writer or have self-published a book and it’s not doing too well, this is what you have to pay attention to.

In this podcast episode we discussed the publishing digital publishing business,

with my guest Derek Doepker on the subject:

Why Authors Fail: 17 Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make That Sabotage Their Success (And How To Fix Them)

Derek Doepker is a blogger, entrepreneur, and #1 bestselling fitness author.

Concerning the book this:

“I found Derek Doepker’s gem of a book ‘Why Authors Fail’ from an Amazon recommendation. I downloaded it and was so impressed that I devoured it non-stop. Tonight I’m going to re-read it while making notes and looking up some of the many resource hyperlinks that Derek so selflessly shares.

I can tell you from personal experience as an Amazon BestSelling author that what Derek has outlined is straight goods. I can check-off all 17 mistakes as not only having been there, but still being there in some categories. This guide is not just helpful in the craft of producing and marketing your book – it’s a motivator to push on in your writing career. I highly recommend it!

– Garry Rodgers Vancouver, Canada”

Listen to Derek’s exposition on the subject in this episode and get your book sky-rocking.


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