Dangling Dreams

dangling dreams, go for it
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Dangling Dreams

You have done enough of planning and talking about all that you intend doing, you can even see it clearly in your minds eyes and can feel it, creating excitement. But days and weeks and months have passed and all you have done is to talk about those dreams over and over again. Your dreams are hanging, like ‘castles built in the air’, what you need now is to lay the foundation to prop your castle – your dreams. Thinking about it and talking about it will not lay a single block to building your castle. Take action now!! The proof of a desire is in it pursuit. Go for it, a step at a time.

Kick start your dream job, career, your dream life, it’s time to take the bull by the horn, take the courage of the moment and move towards the realization of your dreams, your spirit has been yearning for this – take off!


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